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I was born at an early age, born to conservative, Christian parents that were more concerned about my character than they were about my comfort. Being the youngest of 5, I always heard of the things they let me do that the previous models couldn’t. That was due to the upgrades in the later model… Well that was my comeback anyway.

Born and raised in western NY in what they called the Snow Belt and the grape belt, I moved south to VA in the early 80’s in pursuit of gain full employ. Without going into too much detail, that has included everything from flipping burgers to underwater welding, security electronics and home building to name a few.

Married in 88 and widowed in 92 has lead to corrections in perspectives and priorities differing from the mainstream.

Alternate Energy

This is part of a life time quest to be as independent as possible. Not dependent on the system to provide. I do, however, depend on a heavenly Father to provide for me and this can come in the form of ability and imagination.

Around 2004 I started dabbling with making bio diesel and from there found myself on the news and doing exhibits for the Norfolk Zoo as well as NASA.


A journey that has been one of the most challenging since getting my pilots license. Starting with stocks in the mid 90’s and getting my butt kicked, I was determined to get a handle on this arena as there was unlimited potential and it fit the main criteria of being a non-geographically dependent income. Starting with stocks, and then transitioning to options, I’ve finally found myself being drawn to foreign currencies known as the foreign exchange or FX.

This is an arena that requires you to turn yourself inside out being honest with your character flaws and dealing with them. Trading requires discipline more than any other one thing. Monetary rewards come as a byproduct.

Log Home

Having built conventional stick frame homes, I appreciate the advantages of building with logs instead. Now no kits here, just fresh cut logs that have to be de-barked, cataloged and stacked, chinked, sealed and so on. This is the way they used to build homes in this country and many of them are still standing.


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